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Our Firm


We have access to all Statutes, Law reports and other literature applicable to all the countries on the African continent.  We are dedicated to constantly keep abreast of new developments and literature and we have access to all the relevant sources.



The professional staff members meet regularly when well-prepared new legal developments and recent court cases are presented and discussed and junior professional staff members are trained.

Seminars presented by the Law Society and others are attended on a regular basis by the professional staff, especially when topics having relevance to the services we render are being discussed.

We are involved in a substantial number of collections and also keep ourselves informed on the market value of movable- and immovable assets in order to sell attached assets at maximum prices, thus resulting in effective collections to our clients’ benefit.

We are recognised as leading experts in the particular areas we are involved in and render legal services in a wide range of commercially based disciplines. As the business environment, on both a national and international level, is rapidly developing and it is our commitment to meet the needs and expectations of our clients on the highest standards.

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