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Legal Services



We handle collections in various industries.  Our aim with collections is to deal with it efficiently and to the benefit of our clients;

Our firm has a unique approach to the collection of trade receivables as it is of utmost importance to endeavour to create collectable book debts.

This is achieved by obtaining security in the form of covering bonds, notarial bonds, sureties, parent guarantees, cessions of book debts, bank guarantees etc. Upon receipt of instructions to collect outstanding book debts we immediately proceed with legal action and simultaneously endeavour to obtain sufficient security to cover the outstanding balance.   


Competition Legislation

We represent clients in the submission of merger notices to the competition authorities.  Such services include the drafting and preparation of the required merger notices, the schedules thereto and the Competitive Report which assesses the market conditions pertaining to such merger, the lodging of the merger application with the competition authorities and meeting(s) with the relevant investigator in order to expedite the approval of such merger.

We have been involved in various successful merger applications in the agricultural industry, relating to transactions for inter alia the acquisition of shareholding in fertilizer businesses, the acquisition of companies in the packaging industry, the packing industry, the milling industry, the input financing industry, the retail industry, the agricultural chemical industry and the meat industry.  We were also involved in the approval of a merger of fertilizer companies in Zambia and Malawi by the COMESA Competition Commission.  


Commercial Law

Advising clients on all aspects of Corporate and Commercial Law, including inter alia the structuring of commercial transactions, corporate restructuring, joint ventures, finance, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, stock and financial exchanges, disposal of companies and management buy-outs and buy-ins. We also draft various types of contracts and negotiate business transactions on behalf of clients.


Commercial Litigation

Litigation concerning commercial transactions, collections, securities, restraint of trade disputes, enforcement of commercial contracts, claims relating to intellectual property, building and engineering claims, technology and product liability disputes.


Property and Bond Legislation

The registration of General and Special Notarial Bonds on movable assets, transfers of immovable property and the registration of Covering Bonds on immovable property; and advising on all aspects concerning the purchase and sale of immovable property and attending to negotiations and litigation in respect thereof.

The registration of General and Special Notarial Bonds on movable assets, transfers of immovable property and the registration of Covering Bonds on immovable property.

Environmental Law

The conservation of our environment is a sensitive area and we concentrate on the legal aspects concerning same.  We advise clients on all aspects of environmental law including waste and pollution control, rehabilitation and closure of mines and industrial sites, water rights and contamination.


Estate Planning, Trusts, Close Corporations and Companies

We advise clients on estate planning issues and attend to the registration of trusts, close corporations and companies.  

Such advice includes commercial and tax issues.



We have extensive experience in asset and mortgage backed securitisations, purchase agreements and secured lending transactions.  We concentrate on analysing potential purchasers’ and existing debtors’ estates and their respective financial positions in order to advise clients on the risks of exposing themselves to such potential purchasers and existing debtors.



With the rapid development in the technology in concern it is imperative for clients to be advised properly on such legal issues. We advise clients on the structuring of their e-commerce activities and related legal aspects.


Labour Law

The drafting of contracts and the handling of labour related matters. 


Occupational Health and Safety

The advising of clients in the manufacturing industry on the laws in respect of Occupational Health and Safety and attending to negotiations and litigation in respect thereof.



The assisting of clients in preparing presentations to apply for the financing of specific projects and in general, which include the drafting of contracts and negotiations related thereto.

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